Benefits of Dropship

Save time
Automation does tasks faster than you can. It does tasks while you’re sleeping, or on holiday, or watching Netflix. Time is a non-renewable asset and the less you have to spend doing repetitive tasks, the better. The way you spend your extra time is up to you. You can either use it to invest into other areas of your business, or have more free time to pursue your hobbies and interests.

Save money 
Before automation was available, you’d have to hire more people to do the tasks you don’t want to do. Automation allows you to essentially employ “robots” to do your most tedious tasks. Some dropship automation software costs money, but it’s a fraction of what you’d be paying for extra staff. Automating your dropshipping business allows you to put off having to make that first hire, keeping more money in your pocket for longer.

Humans make mistakes. Robots, less so. If you’re copying and pasting information, or transferring customer addresses manually, you’re likely to make mistakes that can sometimes be costly. Automating these tasks means that information can be shared automatically. For example, when a customer makes an order, all of the information that they provided at checkout can automatically be sent to your supplier. You don’t have to do anything.

Hassle Free - Start Easy, Easy to Manage
Selling products online is never been so easy! With Dropship Malaysia , you can start selling even without any stock in hand. Dropship Malaysia objective is to get all our merchants to be successful in selling online. Let Dropship Malaysia handles to product stock keeping, pack and delivery and you focus on selling and marketing your site to millions of online shoppers.

More than just access to products, you will have all the necessary product descriptions, good quality photos, and features and benefits. We have got these ready for you.

Thousands of products to sell & More to come
Worry free about where to get the products and the minimum order quantity from the manufacturer. Dropship Malaysia is constantly searching for more products to be added into our growing list of categories and products. All Dropship Malaysia merchants have full access to these products and you may pick and choose whichever items you want to sell. You can choose all if you like!

No stock keeping. No minimum Order. Buy at wholesale price.
Yes you read it right. There is no minimum order quantity although you pay distributor price for each item. We will deliver the item straight to your customer even if it is only one item. And yes, you are buying at distributor price.

We pack, We Drop & We Ship for you
Busy with meetings and your online customer wants the item shipped to him urgently? No worries. Just login and tell us what and where to deliver. We will take care of the packing and delivery immediately.

What you see is what you get
Had a bad experience buying from overseas suppliers? This is common if you bought from an unknown source. There are no surprises when you use Dropship Malaysia services. All items shipped are as according to the product description.

Local warranty
In most cases, the overseas supplier would have a product return policy, but you have to bear the cost of shipping back to the country of origin, which makes no economical sense. In Dropship Malaysia, product warranties are covered by local manufacturers and suppliers. In the rare occasion of product defect, we are just nearby.

No Cost Bearing
Assuming you are sourcing from an overseas supplier, unless you ship in huge bulk, the cost of shipping from the country of origin to you will increase your selling cost. You can reduce this cost by choosing normal mail instead of courier service. Normal air mail from China typically takes at least 7 days to process and 15-30 days to ship.

Alternatively, you can save the import shipping cost by using Dropship Malaysia dropshipping service. We deal direct with manufacturers in huge quantities and help you save time and cost. Thus we also give you the competitive pricing advantage.

24 Hours Delivery
Speed is everything in online business. By the click of buttons, the items will arrive at your customer’s place as fast as within 24 hours.